Check your Deso NFT portfolio and browse
your collection from a mobile application.

  • Your portfolio at a glance
  • Easily browse different collections
  • Multiple accounts

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Frequently asked questions

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What is the Early Access Token?

The Wollo Early Access Token, is a NFT that controls access to the Wollo application beta & community.

Only Deso accounts holding the token are able to be used in the Wollo application.

Can I sell my access token?

Yes like any other NFT on Deso you are able to resell it if you no longer want access to the application or community.

Do secondary sales get access to the app?
Yes any current holders (primary or secondary) of the token will be granted access to the application and community.
How do I get the app?

The application is currently in active development, and will soon be available via the Apple TestFlight program.

We will make an announcement on Deso and in the community Discord when it is available, with details for access.

Who made this?

Wollo is being developed by @mubashariqbal

Wollo Community Exclusivly for token holders